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Logan Walden Art

"City Gardens" was painted from start to finish in Logan's studio. The image depicts a tower siting high above many towers forming a massive city below it's "sky-walks" and private gardens. The image of Saturn faded in the background is a subtle hint to the overall theme of the "New World Order" conspiracy theory. The tower represents the 1% as they reap the benefits of keeping the mass population below them. The image of Saturn ties in the "One-Percenter's" connection to the "Illuminati" cult. 

This painting is meant to be a beautiful depiction of surreal symbols that depict something much darker in their esoteric meaning. This painting is a celebration of the conspiracy theory culture. It is not a bold statement about one opinion or another. 

"City Gardens"
​Acrylic on canvas
22" x 28"
By Logan Walden


"City Gardens" - Still Available