Logan Walden Art

“Perennial Small Space”: An immersive, interactive experience with local art. Join them for the
next show opening Saturday, November 11th 5-9pm with Portals, a glimpse into other worlds by
Logan Walden

Covington, KY November 1 st , 2017 – Over the last four months, the 10x10 foot store front of the
Mutual building at 625 Madison Avenue has been transformed into an immersive gallery
experience where local artists have had their work on display, and there are two more shows to
finish out the 2017 season. Exhibition attendees can expect a captivating viewing experience
unique to each show, with every detail of the intimate space in control of the artist. The
installations will surround the viewer to create a multi-sensory exploration beyond the traditional
white walls, giving the artists an opportunity to allow people to experience their work like never
before. The gallery will display art in a variety of mediums including sculpture, mixed media
drawing, and paint.

Since opening in July, curator Devan Horton along with the partnership of Renaissance
Covington and the Mutual Building, have successfully put on four installations featuring the
works of Xan Conner, Randy Godawa, Chris Gibson, and herself. “We have had sculptures that
you can physically handle, transformed the space into a new environment simulating the deep
woods, a live mural painted by the artist throughout the duration of the exhibition, and most
recently give the public a chance to play detective while sorting through some of our country’s
most notorious conspiracy theories”, says Horton. “Now we are offering viewers a breath of fresh
air with a chance to look into fantastical alien worlds, each partnered with a narrative.”
Join them November 1 st from 5-9pm for the opening of their newest exhibition at Perennial: Small
Space. Portals is an installation put together by local painter Logan Walden that invites you to a
world of fantasy through the window of a canvas. Surreal landscapes and figures draw the viewer
in, making them feel as if they were living in another dimension, if only for a few moments. Each
painting is accompanied by a story to provide everyone a little more insight into exactly where it
might be taking them.

November 11 th -19 th
A Glimpse Into Other Worlds by Logan Walden

Opening Reception: November 11 th 5-9pm
Gallery Hours: Friday-Sunday 12-5pm
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Perennial: Small Space
625 Madison Avenue
Covington, Kentucky 41015