"The Channeling"
​Acrylic on canvas
8' x 5' (Mural)
By Logan Walden

and Derek Heinemann

Starting at $7,000
​(This painting is currently hanging at the Benko Art Gallery in Tahoe, CA. It's price is subject to the gallery director. You can visit the Benko Art Gallerys website here.

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The Channeling -Still Available

"The Channeling" is a collaborative painting by Logan Walden and Derek Heinemann. It was started as a live performance piece at Burning Man in 2016 at Camp Questionmark. As the lead artist, Derek invited Logan to join him for the project at the last second. Two days before the festival to be exact. The less than ideal weather conditions made it difficult for Derek and Logan to fully finish the painting by the end of the festival. 

In Mach of 2017, Logan made a trip back to CA to finish the project with Derek. They spent 2 nights adding final touches and details. 

"I love working with Derek. We think the same way when it comes to lighting and composition. Our methods are very similar and it makes the collaborative process far less scary than usual"

-Logan Walden

Logan Walden Art